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LASIK eye surgery has become one of the most popular vision correction surgeries. Many people have problems with their vision, and LASIK can often be a solution to correct conditions like near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism and, in some cases, presbyopia. LASIK eye surgery can be a good way to reduce your dependency on glasses or contact lenses.

When people research refractive surgeries, they find that LASIK and PRK are the top choices when considering vision correction surgery. Dr. Tracy is a Board-certified ophthalmologist in Carlsbad, who has performed thousands of LASIK and PRK surgeries to correct vision problems.
LASIK Carlsbad Eye Doctor
While commonly performed, LASIK is not the best option for everyone. To be a LASIK candidate, patients must meet certain criteria, such as age (at least 22), be free of eye injuries and other conditions, and other criteria. To read a more comprehensive list of factors that help determine eligibility, please see below. 
Are you a LASIK Candidate?

LASIK eye surgery is highly safe and effective. PRK (surface ablation) predates LASIK. Both surgeries are very similar and can be good alternatives to each other depending on your eyes or on your lifestyle. Sometimes, patients who are not good candidates for LASIK can undergo PRK eye surgery. Even though LASIK is a very popular procedure, it may not be the best choice for everyone.

The following are some requirements for LASIK eye surgery:

•  The best candidates for LASIK should be at least 22 years old with stable vision. Your prescription must have remained stable for at least one year.

•  You need to be free of eye injuries, infections, and diseases. Eye diseases can include corneal diseases, herpes, or retinal diseases. Before your surgery, you should always address any medical conditions you have, as they can affect your candidacy for LASIK.

•  You cannot have an autoimmune disease such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. These disorders can prevent healing after LASIK.

•  Consult with the doctor about any medications you are currently taking. Certain steroids and immunosuppressants can create delays during healing after LASIK eye surgery, and others can cause dry eyes.

•  You must not have corneal scarring or abnormalities. Due to the nature of LASIK, they can affect how your cornea is reshaped.

•  You must not be pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy or nursing can affect the stability of your prescription.

•  Pupils need to be a certain size. When patients have larger pupils they can experience a halo effect or a glow, so they may be better candidates for PRK eye surgery.

•  You need to have enough corneal thickness. When patients have thinner corneas, they may be better suited for PRK.

•  You cannot have refractive errors that are too high. LASIK cannot correct all refractive errors.

Due to the nature of LASIK eye surgery, certain individuals like athletes who play contact sports may not be good candidates for LASIK. They run the risk of experiencing flap displacement, since LASIK involves creating a corneal flap during surgery. People who are involved in high impact activities or who have occupations that are more susceptible to eye injuries are generally not good candidates for LASIK. For these individuals, PRK may be a better option.
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How Much Does Laser Eye Surgery Cost?

LASIK eye surgery cost can vary based on the technology and equipment used, surgeon experience, and geographic area. It can typically cost between $2,000 and $4,000 per eye. Be careful of some of the lower fees advertised, as they may be bait-and-switch techniques, involving unreasonable conditions and restrictions, or the laser center may be using older, outdated technologies such as the microkeratome blade.

San Diego Ophthalmologist Dr. Tracy utilizes the most advanced technologies and equipment, performing blade-free, all-laser surgery. We charge one flat fee for your procedure, which includes all pre-operative evaluations, surgery, and post-operative care. At Carlsbad Eye Care, Dr. Tracy performs all pre- and post-op care himself, including the initial evaluation. We offer no-interest Credit Care financing and payment plans to help make the cost of your procedure affordable. This will allow you to make small monthly payments over a period of time in accordance with your budget.
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